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  • Provide technical assistance to agencies on matters relative to budgeting, compensation policies and salary administration, and analysis.
  • Develop plans for regional budgeting and recommend policies for execution issuance and for regional legislation.
  • Evaluate the organizational structure. personnel and equipment requirements of the agencies and offices.
  • Coordinate with regional line agencies, offices, and local government units within the Autonomous Region regarding various budgetary activities.
  • Establish linkages with the Department of Budget and Management and other government instrumentals to keep abreast of national policies affecting, the ARMM in order to strengthen the fiscal position of the region.
  • Issue allotments, sub-allotments and notice of cash allocation in accordance with the approved work and financial plan in the prescribed format to offices, bureau, departments and agencies of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.
  • Undertake all possible measures to see to it that all funds in the Regional Treasury shall be released and disbursed in accordance with regional appropriation law.
  • Appoint whenever delegated by the Regional Governor and discipline any employee under it in accordance within the Civil Service law.
  • Supervise the financial transaction of all departments, bureau and offices of the Autonomous Regional Government.
  • Perform such other powers and function as may be authorized by national law.

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